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A proven anchor sentinel / kellet anchoring system 

3 models of Anchor Buddy anchor weights / Kiwi Anchor Rider anchor weights

anchoring a boat with the CAB30 all chain model Anchor Buddy anchor weight

Worried about the anchor dragging?

have extra anchoring security for boat and crew, lessen the risk of dragging anchors and have much more comfort on board in windy conditions with this proven anchoring technique - Anchor Buddy anchor weight 

"A Sentinel (kellet) is a weight typically around 25-30lb suspended from the rode to help keep the pull on the anchor as horizontally as possible to prevent dragging in rough weather" 
Charles F Chapman's Boater's Bible, "Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling" 

Feel safe when it blows

  • Change the angle of pull on the anchor to help it dig in
  • Reduce the working load on your anchor by up to 50% (*ref) for added security, by acting as a spring or shock absorber (read how)
  • Reduce boat swing considerably, this can lead to the anchor rolling out
  • Dampen all excessive boat movement at anchor for more comfort on board

When the holding power of your anchor is in question, you can set two anchors from the dinghy, attach and lower your dive belt or any other heavy weight - boat owners have done that for generations. The principle is exactly the same but why do that when your Anchor Buddy anchor weight can be twisted on in less than a minute - no tools required?

TIP! slowly reverse to stretch out rope or chain, to make it easier to put Anchor Buddy on! More details here

we sell through distributors worldwide, but if you live in Australia, we sell direct to you and deliver by DHL Worldwide right to your door

Our biggest seller! The CAB30 all chain ANCHOR BUDDY anchor weight is used with all chain anchoring systems. You can also use it with rope up to 40mm. A 13.6kg (30LB) weight made of a combination of zinc and aluminium (enough other metals to stop them acting as an anode) for boats up to 18 plus metres.
considered "ESSENTIAL  
if anchoring in coral"
AB30 model 13.6kg. This model is used on boats 9-18 metres,  when you have at least the length of the boat in good sized chain and the rest of your anchoring system is rope  chain bundled up was an early version of an anchor weight / kellet/ sentinel anchoring systema bucket of rocks was used as an anchor weight, kellet or sentinel in times gone past - the same principle is used today as an ANCHOR BUDDY anchor weight
A 2000 year old idea, the Anchor Buddy anchor weight is a purpose designed, modern version of a proven anchoring system that has been used for generations
"You make a great product! I tried a friends this past weekend and was very impressed with the results! You should market more in the USA" Manny Mendez, Florida, USA

"totally amazing in all conditions and at all times; light winds or heavy weather and so easy to put on and off. The advantages it gave to our comfort on board and the reduction in our swing circle were so good that we would use it all the time whether we needed it or not" Keith Eade, designer Chico Yachts, plus sailor of over 130,000 sea miles

Hello Downunder! We received the Anchor Buddy and took it out to a favorite anchorage this week...WHAT A DIFFERENCE...We don't understand it completely but we bought it, in large part because we have a high sided, shallow drafted boat that sails at anchor in the slightest breeze or current...until now! Our swinging was reduced by at least 75% so our comfort with other boats anchoring around us was increased as we swung with them.Thank you for your wonderful product.
Our best, Gene and Kathy Krattli, M/V Sunny Day

proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand Anchor Buddy anchor weights
 proudly made in New Zealand since 1995

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